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25 April 2010 @ 07:18 pm
Funny, and surprisingly difficult, meme  
Pick 20 movies/anime/video games/literary works and put their summaries from Better Than it Sounds and WITHOUT CHEATING have your friends guess., taken from lacebird

Comments are screened (for some time) so that everyone can have a try :)
And beware of the trap ! (ie I know what you're expecting to find in there!)
Edit I'll be keeping track of what has already been found, but don't hesitate to submit them again!

1. Teenage underachiever whose life philosophy is derived from a misremembered song lyric gets into misadventures in New York.
2. A monster uses a watch to suck away a girl's soul. He may love her. Together, They Fight Demons.
3. Four guys are sent west in a very small jeep by a hermaphroditic deity. Hilarity Ensues.
4. Everyone is gay. Sex is abundant. [Found]
5. King Arthur on a low budget. With many original additions. [Found]
6. Five teenagers have a spat with their parents and run away from home.
7. A boy and his butler solve murders and sometimes commit them. Sometimes there are zombies and often there is incest.
8. Military specialist searches for a magic rock recipe to get his brother out of a can. In one version of the story, the rock is their father, in the other version the rock is us. [Found]
9. Laser tag is Serious Business, Real Time Strategy games even more so.
10. A teenage boy goes to a fair. Apocalypse ensues. (God I love that summary XD)
11. A bumbling manservant uses non-specified superpowers to protect his unwitting and unappreciative master while taking advice from a dragon that basically speaks in subtext (and ships them). Corny CGI ensues. [Found]
12. A Mc Guffin carrying boy who sees strange beings goes on a quest of namecalling with his animal sidekick.
13. Bisexual, sociopathic veterinarian/assassin with a floral theme makes a bet with a fashion-challenged uke, wins, and kills the uke's sister. It takes place to an 80's soundtrack.
14. The adventures of a collection of psychopaths in a dark city composed entirely of grimy back alleys and populated entirely by prostitutes, other psychopaths and Film Noir cliches.
15 A bureaucrat tries to get some loose paperwork errors corrected, and maybe get his air conditioning repaired in the process. (Alternately, 1984 as directed by Monty Python.)
16. The player takes on the role of a child in a world where kids are allowed to leave the house at 10 years of age and traverse the world, capture and force animals to fight each other causing them to mutate into grotesque monsters, and beat up the local crime syndicate. There are only four games in this series but they have been released 17 times under different names. [Found]
17. A cute little girl navigates a world of very confusing and complex love relationships, while collecting cards in her spare time. [Found]
18. People fight over a piece of jewelry. A bunch of pot-smoking midgets provide a convincing argument that size doesn't matter. [Found]
19. Even vaster armies fight it out for centuries over three pieces of jewelry.
20. Four drug addicts lead miserable, self-destructive and ultimately unfulfilled lives. Oh, and it has epic music. [Found]
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alhia on April 25th, 2010 06:42 pm (UTC)
Idem, à la fin j'ai arrêté de faire "recherche" dans les listes (pas de Terra E? De Kaze to Ki no Uta? Je meurs!), et j'ai fini par regarder rapidement les titres.
Le 9... Tu le connais peut-être de nom, mais je ne pense pas que tu l'aies lu effectivement.
Ton 8, je me demandais justement si je le connaissais. J'ai un nom qui m'était venu en tête mais tu n'as pas lu ce manga (enfin pas à ma connaissance), donc forcément, ça posait problème !
Eeet gagné pour le 2 ! :)
Parmi ceux que tu connais chez moi (et qui sont trouvables, on va dire), il y a le 7 (je pense que c'est un bon plan de chercher par l'auteur, un des mots cités est récurrent dans son oeuvre), et euh... voilà XD; (La plupart où je pensais "Oh, Jun pourra trouver !" étaient ceux qui peuvent t'avoir été inspirés par ton tour sur le site ^^; )
(Screened comment)
alhia on April 25th, 2010 06:57 pm (UTC)
Ah, zut XD Les zombies, j'ai pris un temps avant de comprendre, avant de piger que ça faisait référence à la réelle nature de la personne qui, euuh... se sacrifie au dernier tome (et qu'il n'était pas le seul à avoir cette nature). J'adore l'illustre où une de ses mains traduit cet état d'ailleurs 'o' (... Je sais pas si je me fais comprendre à force de parler à demi-mots)

Rah, je vais retourner un coup sur ta liste, mais je ne pense pas que je trouverai ^^;